Tasting Evil-Part 2 : State Of My Mind

All that had just happened seemed more like fantasy than horror.

I always had idiosyncratic imaginations, and I thought this one was no different. Completely baffled. I just couldn’t believe whether this one was for real.

My eyes turned towards the Absolut bottle on the shelf. I hadn’t tasted one in a month. I opened it, and heck, it was strong and exotic.

I thought about the ghostly terror, the old woman, my sister, and my mom. I went back to August 2010, and reminded myself of the Peters’ family which was once happy and easy going, ended in a tragedy.

Seated on my couch, my chin sank onto my chest. Not knowing what else to do, I simply clicked the first contact on my speed dial.

“Hello ?”

“Hello ?”

“Shall we meet tomorrow ?”

I could hear my own voice.

“Okay. Everything good ?”

“Ahm, well, yeah. We need to talk.”


“Good night.”

“Good night. See you tomorrow at four. The usual place.”

“Okay. Bye.”


I walked towards the mirror again, I knew it was stupid, but I just did it.

On the mirror, running from south-west to north-east, were red, frail, letters. It took me time to realize it wasn’t ink, but blood.

A name of, probably, a girl.

It simply said : Lilly Redbook.

Who the hell was that ?

(To be continued…)

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