Tasting Evil-Part 6 : The Confession Room

“What the heck ?” I asked, still in shock.

He nodded in agreement.

For two minutes, there was absolute silence. “Jen, can I ask you something?” I nodded.”Did- “, he couldn’t go on further. I remained silent, waiting for him to become normal. “Did you k-k-kill s-s-someone ?” His voice cracked, eyes filled with fear.

My neck faced the ground, my heart beating twice its normal pace, my hands trembling, my legs frozen, my face turned pale, my eyes sweating, my throat repeatedly swallowing saliva, my lungs breathing faster than ever and my chin sank onto my chest. I felt I was being trapped, caught red-handed, like a criminal awaiting for the D-Day.

I didn’t know what to say, the question was totally unexpected, and from an unexpected person. It felt like the clouds were getting darker, the ground dying of thirst, the skies becoming devoid of stars, and the waves desperate to turn into tsunami. It took sometime to completely digest the question, and process a convincing, yet an honest answer. I just said a monosyllabic ‘yes’.

He shot a red hot stare at me, his eyes turned red blood,filled with shock and terror. He had never been so sensitive to my thoughts, and it felt like an arrow piercing through.

“Who ? When ?”,he asked. Curiosity filled with rage.

“Sorry Eric, I can’t tell you.”

“What the-“, he was about to say something, but paused.
There was so much trust between us, the clock showed a quarter past eleven, and that situation made it seem like it was half past two.

After a few minutes, “John Peters”, I finally let it out, still looking down.

His mouth widened, his eyes shivering,fingers almost paralysed, his face was as white as a plain sheet of paper. He stood up, went near the window. He looked at the starless sky and asked,
“Why didn’t you tell this earlier ?”

“B-B-Because I-I-“,I couldn’t go on. It felt like the words were sitting right on the edge of the tongue but hesitant to jump.

“Got it Jen”. That was all he said, and left me wondering.

We couldn’t speak further, and eventually we parted ways. “Good night”, he said, probably out of mere formality, and went to sleep.

The clock showed 20 minutes past one, and I was still wide awake,thinking what would happen next. I was sleeping on the top bunk, and looked down to see Eric. His eyes were closed, and he was snoring. He’d have definitely been flabbergasted, and I realised I would soon lose the only friend in my entire life.

(To be continued…)

P.S. You can check out my other posts on “Tasting Evil” by clicking on the tags ‘pen2me’ and ‘Tasting Evil’ or by clicking ‘View all posts by pen2me’ .

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