“Mr.Jason, would you mind if I-“
“No Sir. “
“Very well,then. Please come in.”

The five figures seated outside were keeping their fingers crossed, dripping with perspiration. Inside, David was seated, and in front of him was Jason, trembling, hands gripped together tightly.

“Okay Mr.Jason, when was the last time you saw Mr.Brown ?”
“It was around 7:10 pm Sir.” His confidence levels went soaring, and David was definitely pleased.
“May I know where -“
“In his cabin.”

David smiled.

“Do you have any-“
“Sir, I wouldn’t go to the extent of murdering him even if I had any hatred against him. ‘e is- is the CEO Sir.”

“You sure you didn’t enter the cabin after 7:10 pm ?”

Jason looked at the ceiling fan for five seconds, and said, “as far as I remember, no.”

“Was he fine ?”

“Well, he had a slight headache.”

“For how long were you there inside the cabin ?”

“Exactly five minutes.”

“Hmm. You may go now Mr.Jason . You’ll be called again if need arises.”

“With pleasure. “

Next on the list was Alicia.
She was already panicking severely, and David hoped she’d not bend the truth.

“Mrs. Alicia, when was the last time you saw Mr.Brown ? And where ?”

She wiped her tears, rubbed her face before murmuring, “6:55 pm. In his cabin.”

“Was he keeping good health ?”


“When did you come out ?”

“I stayed in there for ten minutes.”


“What did you do in there for ten minutes ?!”

“We had to discuss important things.”

“You sure no one was there?”

“Hannah came in and handed over a file and left.”

David was disappointed.
“You may go now. Send Mitchell in.”

“That’s it Sir ?”
“For now.”
She nodded and Mitchell came in. His humbleness was admired by David.
“Take a seat Mitchell. When was the last time you saw Mr.Brown ?”
Mitchell put his finger near his mouth, scratched his chin, and replied.
“7:30 pm. In his cabin. I went in to serve him tea.”
“Tea at 7:30 pm ?”

“Well, yes sir. He wasn’t keeping well.”
David’s lips curled a little. “Well then. Was anyone there in the cabin except for Mr. Brown?”
“No, Sir.”

“When did you come out?”

“I stayed in only for two minutes.”
“Hmm. Send Ms.Hannah in.”
Within a few seconds Hannah entered. She took a deep breath and occupied the wooden chair.

“Ms.Hannah, could you tell when was the last time you saw the victim ?”

She brushed her hair aside, leant forward and said, “It was 7pm, if I’m not wrong.”

“May I know why did you enter the cabin ?”

“Er-er. … Oh yes, I went in to hand over a file.”

“Was there anyone else ?”

“Yes. Alicia was with him.”

“Was he keeping good health?”

“Yes. Perfectly alright.”

“Was he alive ?”

Her eyes widened. “Of course Sir.”

“When did you come out ?”

“I just handed over the file and exited.”

“Hmm. Send Shane in.”

Shane entered, trembling.

“When did you last see Mr.Brown ?”

“7:35 pm. In his cabin. I went in to serve him biscuits.”

” Was he keeping good health?”

“He had slight headache.”

“Was he alone ?”


“When did you come out ?”

“Two minutes in the cabin, Sir.”

“Was he alive ?”


“Did you enter the cabin again ?”


David was becoming restless.”Send Lisa in.”

He admired her calmness. “When did you last see Mr.Brown?”

“7:25 pm.”

“When did you exit?”

“7:30 pm.”

“Was he alone ?”


“Was he alive ?”

She nodded.

“Did you enter his cabin again ?”


“No visitors ?”



“Are you confused ?” James asked David as they boarded the car.

“Are you ?” He asked back after he had told him everything.

“There’s nothing that makes me confused. Things seem too obvious.”

David laughed. “If you’re not confused, it means you’re not paying attention to it.”

“I get it.”

“One of them seems to be lying. Very badly. But who ?”

“We need to dive deeper.”



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