5 Reasons Why The Hindi Film Industry is Fading

Bollywood, the Hindi Film Industry is slowly but surely losing its glow. Back then in the 20th century when it started gaining popularity, making a film was indeed a tedious task. It still is, but that time it was harder. Why ? Not because technology and economy have grown over the years, not because there were only a handful of actors, not because receiving rights took time.

1. Content and flow of the films are getting disturbed

If we draw a table between the movies released two decades ago and now, you’d notice for sure that the industry has lost its “King”, which is unequivocally, the content. Yes, I do agree that cliche romance was portrayed back then too, unnecessary action sequences were inserted in between just to increase the length of the film and a few songs were made just to stay safe-when films don’t perform well, sometimes songs do. But now, it has become like a ritual. Like, something mandatory. For this, I’d definitely have to take examples. Why does a film like Batla House, which is based on the Batla attacks, have an unnecessary insertion of a song like Saki Saki ? Number one, it brings the flow of the film to a halt. Number two, it’s total bullshit. Number three, this film is meant for people who wish to learn more about terrorism, and I feel parents would definitely recommend this to their children. I could go on. Gully Boy is a film on rappers. I don’t think there should necessarily be a female protagonist.

Let’s talk about Super 30. The content, script and Screenplay were all fine. The actor delivered a mind blowing performance. The theme of the film was critically acclaimed. Not complaining. Not complaining at all. But why include a song like Paisa? The thing is it’s not the actors’ fault. Film making is an art. And in a country like India, we don’t see an audience wherein watching films is just about booking tickets and eating popcorn. People celebrate. People celebrate every Friday. Why include things which are out of context? If a film is given a story, genre and a theme, I strongly feel it has to stick to it. It’s not mandatory to include romance in films which are made on a various themes other than romance.

2.Nepotism and Looks

This has been prevalent for years, but lately, it’s been getting a lot of attention. Let’s talk. Nepotism exists in every industry. Agree. Totally agreed. But the thing in Bollywood is, it’s a little too much. Every Friday we see a new face, which hasn’t had an inch’s experience in front of the camera before. Star Kids are talented. But that doesn’t mean you bring in a new member every week for every film. Forget about the A-Listers. When you look around, there are so many ‘struggling actors’ who are so much underrated. They don’t get films every often, but when they do, they make sure that their performance is at its best. Acting is not merely about looks. And good looks doesn’t necessarily mean good acting. Makers need to understand this fact. The finest performances aren’t always delivered by the most handsome or the most beautiful. Going by this is similar to judging a book by its cover. Before a new face is introduced, going through the family history doesn’t make sense. Going through experience, confidence and talent is more important.

3. Music

The album of a movie acts like a support system. Indians love music. They listen to a variety of genres ranging from Rap to Romance. But in recent times, it’s hard to find a song with good background score and sensible lyrics. A song is made like an EDM. Next on the list is remix. Oh my. There are two types : remix an old song and ruin the new one, and remix an old song and ruin the old one. Both sound terrible. A song made a decade ago would’ve been a hit. But the reach wouldn’t have been much. Now, every third Indian has internet. It’s easy. The thing now is, if you just add some jazz to old songs, people won’t listen. The next thing they’d do is go back to the old one. Sometimes it’s a double. We click on the new video on YouTube, views increase. And soon, we click on the old one, and views increase in that too. Finding meaningful lyrics too is a hard job now a days. The industry needs to understand that a song shouldn’t be made merely because it has to feature in a film. If making music is hard, it’s okay to avoid it rather than pressing ten random keys on the piano and ruining the entire content.

4. Award Functions

Now this one is now slowly coming into the Southern cinema too. You know why ? Because Bollywood does it and rest of the Indian cinema looks up to the industry. Awards are meant for deserving performances. Not for everyone who attend the ceremony. They’ve lost the true meaning. Let’s start with music. I’ve got to take examples. Teri Mitti is such an awesome song with soothing lyrics. Hasn’t received an award yet. Tumbbad is one of the finest horror films made in India. Look at the IMDB rating and box office collection. It deserved more. Just because it didn’t have any big names, it failed to receive what it actually should have. It’s the audience fault too. It’s high time we don’t care about the cast and names, rather we should look at content, script and Screenplay.

5. A-Listers need to understand that there’s more than just acting

Acting is not restricted to ‘Lights, Camera, Action’. During times of crisis, actors need to come out to lend a hand. They need to show a reflection of their character. Sadly, the ‘underrated’ actors are the only ones who come out genuinely and become a part of the audience. We don’t find the ‘topmost’ or ‘highest paid’ stars who actually express their opinion on national topics, politics and social issues. Instead of faking around and hiding behind the bushes just for the sake of money, fame and image, it’d be better if the industry stresses on honesty, transparency and integrity so that the audience has a one-one connect.

A/N : This post is not published to hurt anyone’s sentiments, opinions and beliefs. These thoughts are expressed of my own and do not support any group.

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