Born in the beautiful city of Chennai, Tamilnadu. Still growing, or atleast trying to.


I’m just another wandering ambivert with various interests and a wandering mind.

You put on some song, and I start dancing. You put on some song, and I start singing along.

( P.S. I have a very bad voice which I’m proud of. )

I also have a keen interest in sports, especially athletics, football, cricket tennis, gymnastics and badminton. I’ve always wanted to swim, but I never got to learn even the ABC’s of it.

Coding is something that I got to do during the COVID-19 lockdown, but it has never been my cup of tea.

My hobbies include reading novels, playing the keyboard(not trained tho), drawing, jogging, cycling, and of course, writing. I’m a novice to blogging, and I’m trying to get the hang of it.

I’m a big foodie but sometimes being vegetarian puts things to a halt. On the whole, I enjoy food (but hate cooking) ,though I’m allergic to cauliflower and mushroom.

I watch a hell lotta movies, and my favourite genre is thriller. I ain’t a big fan of fantasy, but would definitely love to see Marvel movies featuring RDJ & Scarlett.

My favourite artists include Marshmello, Alan Walker, Martin Garrix, The Score and Maroon 5.

Cheers !

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