Mango Halwa Recipe

(INDIAN) Mango halwa is a very delicious sweet made with fresh mangoes, ghee and sugar and garnished with nuts. It tastes best with alphonso mangoes. Mango halwa is a cherished Indian sweet and with flavour of fresh mangoes is a real treat for mango lovers. Ingredients Fresh Ripe Mangoes (5 Nos. ) Sugar (200 grams)GheeCorn... Continue Reading →

What I Eat In A Day

Seeing what other people eat in a day fascinates me. So here it goes! 9:30 am : Breakfast My Breakfast is usually South Indian-Idli/Dosa/Pongal/Kitchdi/Uthappam etc. Sometimes I eat Chappathi too. On days when I don't feel like eating tiffin, I finish my food with sweet corn, milk, cookies or fruits like bananas or apples. 1... Continue Reading →

Black Urad Dal Vada Recipe

I'm a really bad cook, but that doesn't stop me from looking out for new recipes. After all, it's my mom who does all the cooking! While she takes in all the pain and tolerating my rants about food and cuisines, I chip in some suggestions to fill my tummy! So, a few days ago,... Continue Reading →

Know About India’s Healthiest Breakfast

Idli along with its side servings is one of the best and balanced nutrition for breakfast or any day of the meal. The side servings coconut chutney, sambar and milakai podi provide more essential nutrients to the body. Let us start with plain idly without considering side servings. Idly is made is from par boiled... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Asparagus Soup

A few months before the pandemic and all the lockdowns had come into the picture, I had been to an Italian restaurant (pure vegetarian, surprisingly)in Besant Nagar, Chennai. That was my first ever visit to a purely Italian eatery and being a foodie, I rustled through the pages of the menu card and soon got... Continue Reading →

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