5 Must Watch Indian Horror Films

In much of Indian cinema, horror as a genre has been reduced to camp, never quite reaching the reputation that it rightfully deserves. At times, horror films are scary not because they introduce an element of supernatural but because they give a sinister spin to everyday objects. By definition, they exist outside the realm of... Continue Reading →

Top 5 AR Rahman’s songs that MUST be on your Playlist

After his National Award-winning debut with Roja, Rahman went on to deliver back-to-back hits and it marked an era of music that is cherished till today. Compiling a favourite list of songs from Rahman‚Äôs discography is no mean task as the composer has made sure he catered to all kinds of music-lovers and experimented with... Continue Reading →

5 Must-Watch Indian Thriller Films

If you're obsessed with murder, mysteries and thriller dramas that keep you on the edge of your seats, you've probably exhausted the best watches from Hollywood. If the language barrier doesn't play a role in cinema that you enjoy, here are some of the best Indian films in this genre that I bet you'd definitely... Continue Reading →

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