I’m trying

Anxiety, a truly ugly part of life. Anxiety attacked me yesterday, full on assault today. I know this all too well, I hate it too. First, depression tried to keep me in bed, safe in the solitude of my bed. I wanted to stay there, I needed to stay there but I need to work... Continue Reading →

We are all connected.

The most difficult and worst part of suffering from some mental illness is pretending like nothing has ever happened and nothing different is happening. To pretend like you're a normal person. To pretend that the changes you're facing mentally, emotionally and psychologically ain't overwhelming. Sometimes, managing everything is just too much. It feels like you... Continue Reading →

Being Broken… Open…

Being broken isn’t a bad thing. Being broken happens to us constantly. We are exposed to traumas, toxic situations, and life events that ultimately shape our being. We experience times of being and feeling broken, where we are thrown off course because this is the beauty, as fucked up as it is, that is life. This... Continue Reading →

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