Stolen Plot

Oh! How I loved her! Her tinkling laughter, her jet black hair that fell in waves till her waist, and swept lightly against my chest as she slept, her dark eyebrows that stood in such contrast to her skin, her mind – oh, her deadly mind, camouflaged so completely by that cherubic face! What wouldn’t I... Continue Reading →


As usual it was a dark and stormy night. The ominous clouds were raining harsh on the earth and the people felt as if the heavens have come upon them this time. In this milieu, came a piercing cry that should have been coaxed to silence but no – the newborn bawled madly for a... Continue Reading →

The Phone Call

ring ring "This is the Alexis residence, how may I help you?" " Uh, I would like to speak to Hannah, please." "This is Hannah, how may I help you?" "Uh hey, Hannah, wanna hangout at my place?" "I'm sorry, who is this?" "I'm Jessica from school, remember?" "Oh, hi Jessica! Uh, sure! I can come... Continue Reading →

I am fine…

There rests a small pond in the heart of the city. Surrounded by a 5 kilometers jogging track, this pond hears the soothing music from the speakers installed at intervals. The trees that surround this area produce fresh air and the fact that this area is untouched by local traffic, makes it a perfect track... Continue Reading →

The Curious Cube

Bright stars glistened in the dark, celestial curio cabinet above a suburban backyard. Gabby gazed into the summer night looking for an answer as a bubbling brook streamed down her face, but her tears did not warrant the attention of the stars. She only had a broken heart, which was the result of a three-month,... Continue Reading →

Lonely Saucer

If she's dead, I thought, I'll never find her in this white flood of moonlight on the white sea, with the surf seething in and over the pale, pale sand like a great shampoo. Almost always, suicides who stab themselves or shoot themselves in the heart carefully bare their chests; the same strange impulse generally... Continue Reading →


A hundred dead and dying flowers occupy the shelves in Alma’s garage. Many sunlit mornings push past her window and beam in hot amber bars against her curling wallpaper. They coax her to the nursery, where she meticulously searches for the most colorful, healthy-looking plants. Petunias, violets, pansies—especially pansies—each blessed with the delightful promise of continual... Continue Reading →


The last traces of a wonderful dream vanish before my eyes, a moment — and I can't even remember what it was about. After a few blinks, my eyes adjust to the greyness of the room and I distinguish a dark figure by my desk. I try my best to keep quiet and flicker on... Continue Reading →


Raghavan walked to his desk dressed in a white bathrobe. He pressed a button and a monitor sprung up on his desk and lit up. It seemed to be a busy day ahead for the Minister of Transportation. An instant message popped up from his daughter Manju in Cleveland. She had moved to the United... Continue Reading →


I place my digital camera — Sony Cybershot — lightly on the rough wooden surface of the coffee table next to me and crouch down to pick up the books from the lower most levels of the bookshelf. I see Needful Things, Grownup, Catch 22, Catch Your Death, Pet Sematary, Cell, Clifton Chronicles series and... Continue Reading →

Starry Night

The streets get quaint by the time the boy gets back to his home. It is a habit of his to take a walk, late into the night when all the noises from the city ‘s hustle-bustle have died down. It helps him justify the time spent in observing the thoughts churning in his mind,... Continue Reading →

The Enquiry

Rebecca cursed and almost choked on her coffee when she read the news. “Maren, stop scrolling. Back up, what was that?” she said. “What’s what, Becca?” Maren, her AI, said. “Just let me…” she gestured and the images and texts being projected on her goggles changed quickly. “There. I almost missed it.” “Oh. I see.”... Continue Reading →

In The Gust

I know, rather, I feel that we have come to a certain point. An emotion has rolled over me that tells me one thing; we are growing apart. It’s happened before, and so many other times. I guess it is what people do; they find each other, and then for some reason, they lose each... Continue Reading →

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