Travel – New Normal

This whole COVID-19 pandemic really has seen some worsts, one of them including the travel industry. Many airlines have gone bankrupt, or has collapsed because they entered into administration some voluntarily because of their financial situation and some were not voluntary. Love travelling? But COVID-19 has cancelled or put a stop to all your plans.... Continue Reading →

Solo Travel? South India!

Traveling solo is the best treat you can give yourself away from the chaos of city & life. If you’ve been delving to explore the beauty of South India yet have not been able to convince your best friend or gather your group, then it is one part of India where you won’t get bored... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my Hometown!!!

I know that during this time of lockdowns and pandemic, it's quite difficult for travellers. Uncertainties still prevail and we don't know when things will get back to normal. I love travelling just like all of you and I can't wait to explore. Till then, let's go on a virtual tour to the Southernmost state... Continue Reading →

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