A Long Drive Through Lies

It is a long journey and fraught.Lies lie in wait all along. Some lies smile and soothe.Some lies sound like truth.Some lies scream silently.Some lies kill you outright.Some lies kill you quietly. All lies are festering wounds. Life is a lying, tangled knotof interlocking deceptions,like a complicated road systemand you with no GPS. Some lies... Continue Reading →

My growth was slow, but I learnt a lot within a short span of time

When I entered teenage, it felt like I'd get rid of all the negativity that had haunted me for more than a decade . But little did I know, things would actually turn worse. I started developing social anxiety, but had to pretend as if things were completely normal. A gnawing hollowness gradually started developing... Continue Reading →

The Fear Of Being Vulnerable

What scares you the most? What has living in the shadow of its avoidance taught you? I’m afraid of stray dogs; of phone calls; of dying a slow and painful death; of living a slow and painful life; of aggressive drunks that scream threats at me when I ignore their slurs as I walk a... Continue Reading →

One Liner Thoughts

That feeling when you're not necessarily sad, but you just feel really empty. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For more posts, click here. If you like this post don’t forget to like, follow my blog, share and comment! 

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