"That's the thing about pain, it demands to be felt." ~John Green, The Fault In Our Stars. It is sad no one's noticed the happiness I'm faking but inside I'm actually shaking In all this suffering I stand alone In a place I don't want to call home Everyday I am trying not to fall... Continue Reading →

Six Word Story – 25

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A hundred dead and dying flowers occupy the shelves in Alma’s garage. Many sunlit mornings push past her window and beam in hot amber bars against her curling wallpaper. They coax her to the nursery, where she meticulously searches for the most colorful, healthy-looking plants. Petunias, violets, pansies—especially pansies—each blessed with the delightful promise of continual... Continue Reading →

Starry Night

The streets get quaint by the time the boy gets back to his home. It is a habit of his to take a walk, late into the night when all the noises from the city ‘s hustle-bustle have died down. It helps him justify the time spent in observing the thoughts churning in his mind,... Continue Reading →


<---PREVIOUS CHAPTER "Morning David", James waved gleefully."Morning", his mouth was wide open, and his nose wrinkled."Did you even sleep last night?" James asked as he saw David rubbing his eyes."Well, kinda slept.""Come on, you haven't slept for days.""Is it?" David replied as he scratched his chin and placed his yellow jacket on the chair. "Ah."... Continue Reading →


<--PREVIOUS CHAPTER The next day was quite unexpected. Same questions, same answers. David was desperate. "Okay, Mr. Jason, do you know anyone else who can shed light on this incident ?" He scratched his chin, pulled his tie, and rolled his eyes, before telling, "I think Hannah would be helpful. She's smart too. A bit... Continue Reading →


<--PREVIOUS CHAPTER “How did this happen ? “, asked a trembling Lisa. “How would we know ? We broke open the door”, Jason said as he fiddled with the knob. “You broke open ? “, asked Hannah before treading towards the empty water bottle kept near the corner. “Yes. It was locked from the inside.”... Continue Reading →


Naisia Corp was the top most company in the city of Clayport. It had offices in about four major places, each spreading over many acres, and boasting over 10,000 employees. Getting a job in there is a Herculean task, but once you get in there, you’ll never want to come out. Its founders- Jason and... Continue Reading →


When I entered the room, it felt like a whole new world. New faces, new things and a new place. I slowly chipped in to my new place, my bag placed to my left. I kept staring at the students around, each in casuals, and wearing a wide, genuine smile. Each one was a part... Continue Reading →

The Risk of Speaking Out : Part 1

(Fiction - Age recommended : 16+) Riya Dated : 17th June 2015, Wednesday. As I walked home from my office, I looked at my watch, and it said 10:40 pm. The roads were empty, the streetlights were dim, the atmosphere was gloomy, and soon I realised that I was all alone. With the newspapers reporting... Continue Reading →

Tasting Evil- Part 1 : The Encounter

(This is a part of a thriller-horror series which deals with supernatural powers, conscience and revenge) It was seven minutes past one. Darkness in its purest form. Ominous silence. Doors and windows all tightly bolted. I woke up to drink a glass of water. I slowly divorced myself from my bed, hurried downstairs. Walked into... Continue Reading →

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