Three Sentence Story.

As I sat on top of 169 storeys, all I could see was the beautiful skyline. The breeze tousled my brown hair and pinked my cheeks whilst I looked at my watch. I jumped, then I changed my mind. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ View Posts : Quick Fives | Lifestyle | Mental Health | Food | Travel | Six Word Stories | Few Liners | Articles | Updates, Tags and Awards | Photography | Science | Films | For more posts,... Continue Reading →

A Long Drive Through Lies

It is a long journey and fraught.Lies lie in wait all along. Some lies smile and soothe.Some lies sound like truth.Some lies scream silently.Some lies kill you outright.Some lies kill you quietly. All lies are festering wounds. Life is a lying, tangled knotof interlocking deceptions,like a complicated road systemand you with no GPS. Some lies... Continue Reading →

Travel – New Normal

This whole COVID-19 pandemic really has seen some worsts, one of them including the travel industry. Many airlines have gone bankrupt, or has collapsed because they entered into administration some voluntarily because of their financial situation and some were not voluntary. Love travelling? But COVID-19 has cancelled or put a stop to all your plans.... Continue Reading →

Running Away From Them

Running away from your problems is generally considered a bad thing but the reality is that your environment and the people around you have a huge impact on your life. And often, creating space and giving yourself time away is the best way to gain perspective. But if you’re human, then there’s a good chance... Continue Reading →

5 Things I Do To Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy living means different things to different people, but there are some simple habits that can help you lead a more balanced, energized life every single day—no matter what your goals are. Here are five things I follow in order to have a healthy lifestyle. 1.Staying Hydrated You should drink water every day. Most people have... Continue Reading →

None seem to everlast

I've drank the finest of wineDown to the bottom of the bottleOnly to witness an ocean aloneBarely surviving my own hands A fire burned through my veins That was blew out by the windBreezing through the leavesA calmness that sits with meBefore calmness dismisses me I walked across the tallest blue skyWhere wide winged birds... Continue Reading →

Being Broken… Open…

Being broken isn’t a bad thing. Being broken happens to us constantly. We are exposed to traumas, toxic situations, and life events that ultimately shape our being. We experience times of being and feeling broken, where we are thrown off course because this is the beauty, as fucked up as it is, that is life. This... Continue Reading →

No choices

When no one understands your pain, And all your efforts going in vain, When you have to leave nothing but passion, Just to complete someone else's mission, Everything inside pulling you stronger, You have to wait for time too longer, Rank, status don't define, they say, But ask the goddamn thing almost everyday, It's time... Continue Reading →

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