As I put my head beneath my bolster, there comes a little monster, finding its way through my curtain wrapped windows. I pull my sheets and lay my back straight, wondering if I had been done with the day's weight. Anxious, I stay, in contrast to ecstasy and gay, like the thread of a shirt... Continue Reading →

A Long Drive Through Lies

It is a long journey and fraught.Lies lie in wait all along. Some lies smile and soothe.Some lies sound like truth.Some lies scream silently.Some lies kill you outright.Some lies kill you quietly. All lies are festering wounds. Life is a lying, tangled knotof interlocking deceptions,like a complicated road systemand you with no GPS. Some lies... Continue Reading →


A blooming flower,If flowers were covered in blood clots and were nature’s embodiment of Satan’s sacrificial waterfall,This merciless, relentless, demonic thing clawing its way out of my body. I call my period a ghost that creeps into this house once a month,This distorted Bloody Mary that always comes knocking at the wrong time.I call it that friend,The one who shows up... Continue Reading →

In an ugly middle position

Living in two worlds, She is bathed in beauty and beaten to death. Lives elegantly but begs. Admired by many, loathed by her man. Gives a beautiful smile with a painful cry. Walks in heels with scars underneath. Covered in jewels and dresses, Hidden was a body full of bruises and scratches. Strong and independent,... Continue Reading →

I Hope You’ll Be There

I may be dark, I may be pretty, I may be fair, I may be weak, I may be mad, I may be wrong, But all I hope is you'll be there, Forever and ever, tied together, Without doubt, loving in and out, as A friend, a brother, and even more Than that even if... Continue Reading →

கவிதை – 1 (With English Translation)

தினந்தோறும் கதிரவனை பார்த்து ஒரு முறை நகை , ஏனெனில் தற்பொழுது ஒருவரும் இல்லை , நம்பிக்கையை ஒருபோதும் இழந்துவிடாதே , அதுவே உன்னுடைய பிரியா நண்பன் , கண்ணீர் சிந்தும்முன் சுற்றியுள்ள தோழர்களைக் காணு , கீழே விழும்போதும் சுற்றி பார் , அருகில் அமர்ந்து கண்களைத் துடைக்கும் தெய்வங்கள் உடன் மட்டும் இரு , அன்பை வஞ்சனை செய்யாதே , எப்பொழுதும் உதவி செய்து இகழ்ச்சி பெறு , பிடித்ததை செய் , நினைத்ததை... Continue Reading →

None seem to everlast

I've drank the finest of wineDown to the bottom of the bottleOnly to witness an ocean aloneBarely surviving my own hands A fire burned through my veins That was blew out by the windBreezing through the leavesA calmness that sits with meBefore calmness dismisses me I walked across the tallest blue skyWhere wide winged birds... Continue Reading →

No choices

When no one understands your pain, And all your efforts going in vain, When you have to leave nothing but passion, Just to complete someone else's mission, Everything inside pulling you stronger, You have to wait for time too longer, Rank, status don't define, they say, But ask the goddamn thing almost everyday, It's time... Continue Reading →

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