My growth was slow, but I learnt a lot within a short span of time

When I entered teenage, it felt like I'd get rid of all the negativity that had haunted me for more than a decade . But little did I know, things would actually turn worse. I started developing social anxiety, but had to pretend as if things were completely normal. A gnawing hollowness gradually started developing... Continue Reading →

Two Liner Thoughts

Ques : What's the problem faced by Teenagers ? Ans : They're told to behave like adults, but they're treated like kids. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For more posts, click here. If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow my blog, share and comment! 


When I entered the room, it felt like a whole new world. New faces, new things and a new place. I slowly chipped in to my new place, my bag placed to my left. I kept staring at the students around, each in casuals, and wearing a wide, genuine smile. Each one was a part... Continue Reading →

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