Tasting Evil-Part 7 : Saturday Revelations

The next day morning Eric hurried up and told me to get ready ASAP. I didn't know what he was up to, but just followed his 'orders'. All I knew was we were about to leave at 8. The car sped at 100 kmph, and I had nothing in my stomach except butterflies. After forty... Continue Reading →

Tasting Evil-Part 6 : The Confession Room

"What the heck ?" I asked, still in shock. He nodded in agreement. For two minutes, there was absolute silence. "Jen, can I ask you something?" I nodded."Did- ", he couldn't go on further. I remained silent, waiting for him to become normal. "Did you k-k-kill s-s-someone ?" His voice cracked, eyes filled with fear.... Continue Reading →

Tasting Evil-Part 2 : State Of My Mind

All that had just happened seemed more like fantasy than horror. I always had idiosyncratic imaginations, and I thought this one was no different. Completely baffled. I just couldn't believe whether this one was for real. My eyes turned towards the Absolut bottle on the shelf. I hadn't tasted one in a month. I opened... Continue Reading →

Tasting Evil- Part 1 : The Encounter

(This is a part of a thriller-horror series which deals with supernatural powers, conscience and revenge) It was seven minutes past one. Darkness in its purest form. Ominous silence. Doors and windows all tightly bolted. I woke up to drink a glass of water. I slowly divorced myself from my bed, hurried downstairs. Walked into... Continue Reading →

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