A blooming flower,If flowers were covered in blood clots and were nature’s embodiment of Satan’s sacrificial waterfall,This merciless, relentless, demonic thing clawing its way out of my body. I call my period a ghost that creeps into this house once a month,This distorted Bloody Mary that always comes knocking at the wrong time.I call it that friend,The one who shows up... Continue Reading →

In an ugly middle position

Living in two worlds, She is bathed in beauty and beaten to death. Lives elegantly but begs. Admired by many, loathed by her man. Gives a beautiful smile with a painful cry. Walks in heels with scars underneath. Covered in jewels and dresses, Hidden was a body full of bruises and scratches. Strong and independent,... Continue Reading →

I am fine…

There rests a small pond in the heart of the city. Surrounded by a 5 kilometers jogging track, this pond hears the soothing music from the speakers installed at intervals. The trees that surround this area produce fresh air and the fact that this area is untouched by local traffic, makes it a perfect track... Continue Reading →

The Risk of Speaking Out : Part 1

(Fiction - Age recommended : 16+) Riya Dated : 17th June 2015, Wednesday. As I walked home from my office, I looked at my watch, and it said 10:40 pm. The roads were empty, the streetlights were dim, the atmosphere was gloomy, and soon I realised that I was all alone. With the newspapers reporting... Continue Reading →

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